Welcome to my website. I am currently making a range of totem figures based on different animals. My inspiration comes from children’s stories, toys, historic and cultural artefacts. When sculpting I work directly from images of the animals but I also add embellishments to imply a narrative for each character. The characters seem to come to life when they are placed in a group almost like they are in conversation with each other.

I work in a raku clay and fire the pieces in a gas kiln using raku glazes and a reduction chamber with combustible material.  This blackens the clay, adds subtle crazing, and brings out the metal in some glazes. I occasionally add gold leaf and acrylics too to finish the pieces off.

My aim is to create work that that looks like it has been unearthed or discovered in an old attic or junk shop. I have chosen the totem format for them because I like the idea that they are spirit beings, sacred objects that once served as an emblem for a group of people, that become guardian spirits for the people who eventually give them a home.